20 mile jitters

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done something. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter that you know you CAN because you have before. Sometimes, you just get nervous. That’s me today.
Tomorrow, I tackle my first (and only) 20 mile run before the Marquette Marathon on August 30. I was debating weather to put it off for a week, but then I realized that next weekend is that local sidewalk sales in Downtown Holland, and I will be working, quite literally, all day long. If I put it off until next weekend, I will be running completely unsupported and alone. So, so much for that.
So why am I nervous? Because this is all a mental game. Running 20 miles has the potential to be completely awesome, or completely defeating, depending on how the run goes. Of course, one always hopes for the former, but it isn’t always the case.
And so I sit here at my desk feeling jittery.
The thoughts in my head go as such: “I’ve done this. I’ve done this before. How many times have a done this? Six other times including 2 marathons. Can I do this? Yes. Stop. Yes, you, brain. Stop it. This is not helping.”
It’s funny, because 2 years ago I never would have even fathomed running 20 miles. I would have laughed at you had you even suggested that I could run 20 miles.
I’ve come so far, and yet, still have so very far to go.
Good luck to all who are taking on races or long distance training runs this weekend.




2 thoughts on “20 mile jitters

  1. You got this Alli!!! And I will ride my bike with you until you are done. I think I may have run your first 20 miler last year. Me you and Erin, I think.

    • You did indeed! That was a fun one! And yes, I was jittery about that too.
      I’m thinking the coffee I had been drinking (have since switched to water) isn’t helping those jitters today. 😉

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