Hills and hills and hills…

So, I am finally actually signed up for the Marquette Marathon, which is good, since it’s only about 23 days away now. I did my 20 miler on Saturday, and it went as well as running 20 miles can go, though I felt stronger on my 18 the week before. But then I had a complete rest day before that, and not before this past Saturday. 

Yesterday was a hill workout. It’s not like it was something I’ve never done before, but for some reason, this one was much more difficult than normal. My legs felt like lead, I was pretty much just dragging myself up the hill over and over. It was probably a conglomeration of things: working long days, running 20 miles on Saturday, etc. etc. I did it though, finished all 10 repeats (barely, and at a sluggish pace). 

Running hills is kind of representative of a training cycle, there are ups and downs, and sometimes it’s easier and other times it’s a battle. And while I am sure that I’m not the first to equate those two things, it’s just so currently apt for me. 

In any case, here are a few pictures form this week’s Hills:

10474314_10100756151957617_7916139531247867082_n 10502032_10100756154871777_6417482856699059520_n 10527318_10100755901339857_8516586471188066875_n 10527328_10100756151558417_6586490375927987682_n 10552648_10100756151753027_4673511961405846325_n 10599548_10100756152077377_6130365012582366097_n


In other news, you know that shirt that I’m pretty well known for? Yeah, you know the one:


I have run every major race but one in this shirt, and every race I have gotten compliment upon compliment on my shirt. This shirt is made by an awesome company (here in the USA!) called InkNBurn, and I have been selected to be an ambassador for them. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of such an awesome team and represent such awesome products. I am also looking forward to expanding my collection. I might be a running gear geek. 🙂 Maybe a little. 

Anyway, you’ll notice that an extra page has been added at the side of this one explaining a little about InkNBurn, and with the offer of a discount code. Take a look, check out their gear (www.inknburn.com). You most definitely will not be disappointed in any purchase made from their page. 


Happy running! 



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