Better Late Than Never….Marquette Marathon!

Today I went for a run in the rain. It wasn’t raining when I started, but by the time I was finished, I was fairly well soaked.

Shaking my fist at the skies post-run today.

Shaking my fist at the skies post-run today.

I swore that after the Marquette Marathon two weeks ago, I would be done with rain running for the year. And here is the reason why:

Two weeks ago, it rained. Not normally a big deal. But maybe a bigger deal when it rains for every single mile of the 26.2 you are running.

I had everything so well planned out. I was going to run 9 minute miles, I was going to love running downhill for a majority of this race, and it was going to be clear and cool outside. Okay, so I can’t plan the weather, but I tried!

I felt really great for the first 18 miles. Miles 1-16 were on the Iron Ore Heritage Trail, which runs all the way from Ishpeming to Marquette. The scenery was beautiful. There is so much mining history that surrounds the area. We ran past the ruins of houses and past old abandoned mine shafts and buildings. The dirt beneath our feet was sometimes red, as the area is rich in iron.

At mile 2.7 we reached the top elevation of the marathon. That’s not to say there weren’t hills on the trail (there were some significant ones), but for the most part, we were headed down.
Miles 10-16 were literally all downhill. This is where I was going to make up time, or even gain speed. This is where I was going to make this race, and end up at a sub-4 hour time. This is where I was mistaken.

I have never in my life ran downhill for so long. I didn’t know exactly how this was going to affect me. By the time I got to the bottom of this massive hill, my legs were pretty well burned out.

By mile 18, I was done. My legs were very well tired, the hills had affected me more than I thought, but most of all I was done with the rain. From the time we began, to the time we ended, it did not stop raining. Usually I can go on mentally forever, but 18 miles of rain left me just wanting to be done and dry. Unfortunately I still had 8 miles to go.

The last 8 were done at a run-walk. Despite the fact that I was exhausted and soaked, I did at least manage to enjoy them a bit, but that’s only because they were the lake shore miles. Upon finally reaching Marquette, we got to run the lake shore.

This is the path that I started running on. When I first began, I couldn’t even finish one mile. Three years later, I ran 26 of them.

Despite the fact that I didn’t meet my four hour goal, I crossed another finish line. I had the tenacity to keep going, despite the rain and the pain. I made it 26.2 miles in the city where my running journey began, and I smiled and remained upright across the line.

I’m counting this one as a win.


Until next time!