Welcome, welcome 2016

Happy 2016, friends. We’re now a week in to the New Year, and I thought it was time to talk about Resolutions.

You won’t be finding any of that “New Year, New Me” stuff here, because I believe you can start that at any time. Maybe the New Year is a catalyst for some people, but it seems that most lose their resolution by the end of January. Mid February at the latest. I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy, but I think the statistic is something like 8% of people actually succeed in their resolution.

I’m not really a fan of the word “resolution.” It seems like too stern a word. And maybe too, it’s because it’s based off of some arbitrary date in our calendar system. Maybe it’s just the English Major in me that hates the word “resolution.” Or maybe it’s the realist.

In any case, I prefer the word “goal” to “resolution.” A Resolution is, “A firm decision to do or not to do something.” A Goal, “The Object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” You may resolve to do something, but does that really make it a goal? Is there an action plan behind it? Not usually. I think that change is often driven by goals, and the desire to change has to come from within.

And I don’t believe goals need to be set at the beginning of the year. You can set a goal any time. Goals are malleable. They can be modified as necessary. To set a goal, is to have something to work toward. It can be something small, or small steps to take to achieve something bigger.

I often set a goal, and then make a list – a way to achieve that goal.


So here are my running/fitness-related 2016 goals:

  • 2 Marathons
    • Probably Sunburst, and hopefully Chicago
  • Still chasing a sub-4 hour time. Getting closer, getting stronger. Just, not quite there yet, apparently.
  • Strength -I’ve really be enjoying strength and cross training. So more and better and smarter and more consistently.
  • And the biggest one: 2,016 miles total for 2016. I’m easing into this one so far. But I will get there, one mile at a time. This is just under double my mileage last year.
  • Be the best ambassador/blogger/encourager/inspirer that I can be – I want to help people to achieve their goals. I want to write more (I keep saying that, and I keep not following through). I want to be better. I actually already have a couple of Blogging projects lined up on other blogs (stay tuned), plus blogging for work for the Running group weekly. So that’s exciting.

So that’s what I’ve got on deck. I’m planning to make this an awesome year. But planning is the key to that.

What are your goals and challenges this upcoming year?


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