It’s the Little Things

Some days the only way to get through is to focus on the little things.

Every morning, I curl up on my couch with my breakfast and an cup of coffee. The house is usually quiet, the husband still asleep. The sound of cars flying by outside the window, people on their way to the jobs or to drop the kids off. Sometimes, the sun shines through my windows, some days are cloudy.

This small, simple day starting activity brings me peace in the mornings. Calm before the storm.

There are usually other little things through out the day. Today it was a cup of coffee from Biggby on my way in to work. A note in my mail box at work on a blue post-it. Really good left overs for lunch. A hard workout at the gym, leaving me feeling sore already after. Making a kick-ass dinner from whatever I could scrape together from the pantry and fridge.

Not all of these things seem all that important. Yeah, I had another cup of coffee. So I went to the gym, not unusual for a Thursday. But look at them individually and you’ll find all of the things that bring me joy.

Peace, coffee, friends/colleagues (one and the same where I work), home made food, endorphin-inducing exercise, and cooking. Little things, part of a bigger picture.

Sometimes it’s easy to let life squish you. Splat like a bug. To let it over take you and make you feel stressed or angry or sad.

I used to be a sad person working at a job I hated, and letting that make me feel miserable. Every. Single. Day. I’ve been told more than once that I am a different person now.

I try to choose joy. Life is always going to be hard. Not everything is going to go right. But when the world tries to squish you – try to focus on the little things, and let them bring the happiness back into your life.


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