Words, Words, Words

Via theawkwardyeti.com

Via theawkwardyeti.com

Maybe it’s just today. Maybe it’s that I’m tired. But I have been staring at this page for about half an hour now. Words come and go. But none of them seem to mean much. Nothing that I think I have to say seems particularly interesting today.

The weather was lovely. Don’t we always fall back on weather as small talk when we’ve not much to say?

It’s not a lie. It was nice. Peculiar for a Fall day in October in Michigan. I got to walk the dog. He seemed to particularly enjoy it. Trotting along, sniffing whatever he pleased.

I did a hurricane circuit. Sprints, sprints, more sprints, and some exercises in between.

And then a track workout this evening. Making up for Nope yesterday.

When I worked at the factory and was feeling uninspired, one of the quality engineers used to tell me that I didn’t have enough angst in my life to write. He was wrong. That place and that job caused me plenty of angst.

It was just his way of teasing. And that was the time when I wrote the least. So clearly angst doesn’t lead to words or ideas. Not in this case.

Anyway. Someday soon I will have good words for you again. Something flowery. Something well written. But tonight is not that night.

Tonight I leave you with this attempt. There are words here. Though they be but few.


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