22 Miles of Fun

Or maybe it wasn’t all that fun. In any case, today’s 22 mile run was brought to you by perseverance.

It was a gray, dreary day. I got misted on for the first couple of miles. This is the first time I have ever done this long of a run, outside of a race, alone. Things are going to be so different training on my own now that I can’t really do long runs with the group. It was different, but not so bad. Three hours and almost 30 minutes is a long time to think about life. And I think that it adds to the mental toughness bit of running a marathon, too.

The things I actually remember:

Oh Look, caterpillars. Black and brown fuzzy ones. I remember naming them last year when running Grand Rapids Marathon. There were lots on the sidewalks then. There were fewer today.

It sucks to live on top of a hill. Especially when your strategy to complete a run is to do loops or out and back routes from your house. You always have to finish each segment up hill.

I can push the pace faster.

Okay, I can’t push the pace faster.

Am I ever going to make my time goal? If I can’t even do this now, how can I do it in a few weeks?

I can do this. I can run 9:00 miles. I can run 8:50 minute miles.

I’m ready to be done training. I just have to get through this run. This is it. I can do this.

Just keep moving forward. One foot in front of the other. Just go. Pace doesn’t matter. Just finish it.

— — —

There’s a lot of Self Talk that goes in to a run that long. And a lot of singing and dancing and looking like a dork while running.

I’m glad to be done with the long miles, to be honest.

Just three weeks remain between me and the Marine Corps Marathon. And despite the fact that for at least part of this run I did not feel confident, I decided after today that I can get there. It might hurt (likely), it might kill me (not likely), but I am sure as heck going to try to make my goal.



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