Fennvalley Vine Wine’d 5k


I am not a sprinter, and I think 5k races are too short. No time to warm up, it’s just an all out run run run for 3 miles.

That being said, I enjoyed the race I ran today, despite thinking, at about mile 1.5, that I hate 5k’s.

It was a cold, windy day that felt more like November than October 3rd. It’s almost like we went from August to November weather wise. At the very least, the rain held off.

This was a trail run – another thing I am not usually is a trail runner. Give me a good solid surface beneath my feet any day and I’m a happy kid. Trails can be a nice change of pace, but they are also a challenge.


I got to start the run with my dad – also not a trail runner…or usually a runner at all. In fact, his statement to me at the beginning was “this is probably the only 3 miles I’ll run this year.” Though he does have nearly 5,000 miles on his bike.

We started uphill, and the comment made a mile .04 after running up it was, “Are we done yet?” I think he wanted to steal a bike.

We wound through the vineyard, full of beautiful, ripe grapes, and through the surrounding fields and forest. The scenery was lovely at least, though some sunshine would have been appreciated.

I finished in 26:39 (according to my watch, I can’t find the official results posted anywhere right now). Which was good enough for a 3rd place age group finish. I’ve never placed in my age group anywhere. I’m a pretty solid middle of the pack person. Most in my age group are more competitive than me. So it was a treat to see that 3 next to my name.

And then of course, the wine came after. How can you not drink wine after a run called the Vine Wine’d?! So we did.


This is a race that I would love to do again next year. Maybe it will be less windy next time around.


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