October: A month of goals and challenges

October has arrived, and with it cooler temperatures.

September was a very long, strange, busy month involving much running, much working, and not much else.

It was a month of 40+ hour weeks, long, long runs, and a lack of motivation to get anything other than those two things done.

I had a disappointing half-marathon the last weekend of September – but got to watch many others succeed at their goals. It’s a double edged sword – I am disappointed in my own performance, but so, so proud of and happy for others’ achievements.

But now October has bloomed. It has brought crisp leaves, and crisp days. Fall is in the air, and with it comes Marathon season. I have one more very long run left for this training cycle and then it’s time for a break.

Grand Rapids is soon – the marathon for which my group has been training for nearly 18 weeks now. I’m excited to watch this year. It will be the first time I haven’t run it since I started running.

A week later is Marine Corps. I have a goal. I’m afraid to speak it. It’s the same goal I’ve been chasing since I started running marathons. I might make it if I don’t fall apart like I did in my September half. The stars have to align. The heavens have to sing. Maybe then it’ll go right.

My goal is to not let my training fall apart in these last few weeks. To actually achieve what I set out to, I have to keep at the training.

It’s different now. I don’t so much get to train with the group any longer – as now I am in charge of it. I have a fancy title and a desk and everything and it’s all very exciting, but I’m going to miss actually running with them. It’s going to be a grand new adventure, but it will be a challenge as well.

My goal is to inspire others to move. To keep moving myself. To lead an active and healthy life. To be strong, to be fit.

I’m such a goal oriented person. Driven by what has to be accomplished. By planning. By having a plan.

My goal is to write here daily once again. Starting today. I missed the first day of October already. But I do not write enough anymore. I fell apart again after our 30 day challenge.

So. Here it goes again. Continuing to run. Continuing to write. Continuing to hope to inspire.

Keep Moving.


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