The Holland 100

On Saturday, I had the privilege of riding 19 miles of the Holland Hundred with my mother.

The day was meant to be 90 degrees and sunny – we knew it was going to be warm.

I’m a runner, of course, and not usually a cyclist, but I do dabble. This was my second bike tour – but Mom’s first (that I know of).

There were so many people at the starting line. I rode from home, as the start is only about 1.5 miles from my house. We met there, me, my mother, and my dad and uncle who both rode 100 miles for the third year in a row. I love the tradition that they have started.


We all took off together, but they soon left Mom and I behind. We rode up hills, to start, and down to a flat, bumpy road. The sun continued to climb as we went along.

I don’t really recall conversations, but we talked as we went. At one point, we were chased by a lovely little golden finch and his mate. They followed us for a few miles. It was fun to watch as they flitted from plant to plant along the side of the road.

At around 9 miles we found the rest stop. A church in East Saugatuck. I rode for pancakes and darn it, I was going to have pancakes.


We ran in to some other runner folks there – this is a big community event. It’s always awesome to see people out moving – doing anything that is not sitting on the couch.

Pancakes eaten, water bottles filled, it was time to continue on to the finish. It was a similar route back. The clouds started to roll in as we neared the finish.

We crossed the line together, triumphant. And then it started to rain. We were fortunate to get in to the finish before hand. But the clouds were cool at least!

11713783_10101111671149307_6574670902847689894_o 11698950_10101111671159287_7323735227593243952_o

I enjoyed riding with my mother. We didn’t need to ride truly fast, we didn’t need to go any farther. I am proud of her for committing to her health. Neither of us has always been healthy people. But that’s changing, and she is part of my motivation to continue. Experiencing crossing that line together was something I will remember. I am grateful for the experience. Grateful for the time together, and grateful for her motivation.


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