Mood Lifters

Chocolate Chip Cookies and a good hard workout have the ability to make any day better.

Moods have a way of effecting how we look at life. It’s not that today was bad by any means. But I was lacking in sleep and needing rest, and feeling grumbly.

And then came the cookie. I baked them last night and brought them to work today- I love to bake – loads of sugar and butter and chocolate. And they’re beautiful if I do say so myself. Perfectly brown on the tops and edges, soft and chewy on the inside. A little bit of sugar in my day goes a long way. It was a treat and brought me a smile for awhile.

And of course, this evening was boot camp with one of my favorite instructors at the gym. And of course, it was upper body – my weakest area. I have never had great arm strength. I can lift so much more with my legs than my arms. I can run for miles, but my arms can only support so much. But I’m beginning to realize how important arm strength is, even to running. No, I’m not running on my hands, though that would be talent. Having a stronger upper body allows for better form when fatigued, and allows for better posture overall – which means more efficient running and efficiency for longer.

So, tonight I beat up my arms, and I beat up my core, and I ate a cookie. It was much needed.

Exercise is proven to lift mood, to brighten any dull day. And sugar doesn’t hurt either (well, except the waist line).

What do you do to lift your mood on an off day?


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