I Run to Seek a Void

Tonight I ran to seek a void. It’s July 3rd, run streak is nearly done, but my miles for the day were not. It has been a very long week with very little reprieve. The world is loud and so was my mind.
I wanted to clear my head. I didn’t get out of the door until around 10:15, it was dark. Very dark.

And then it started. Boomcracklepopbang – flashes all around me, and not just from the fireflies this time, which make decidedly less noise than the fireworks now exploding above.

My eyes drifted skyward as the colors exploded. Greens and yellows and reds and whites and blues drifted through the sky only to fade away moments later. I did not think, I just continued to run.

Pop, sizzle, hiss – left and right, straight ahead. The local neighborhoods were alive. Step after step, boom and bang, the week faded away, thoughts were replaced by small explosions and foot falls and breathing; by trying to stay upright in the darkness between flashes of light.

Occasionally it’s nice not to think. Just to be. To be present. To witness the sparks in the sky, hear the leaves in the breeze, see the flashes of fireflies, and the twinkling of stars. To be enveloped by darkness and noise and blazes of light. To turn the mind off and just go – step after step into the void, that calm, quiet place where everything just fades away. No stress, no anger, no sadness, no fears, no frustrations – just you, and the road and the world around.

This was my quiet time in a crazy world. Tomorrow will be full of noise again – of faces and places and activity and frenzy. But for tonight I shut it out. Found the place where I could be still, even if I was surrounded by revelry and noise and flashes of light.


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