Mind Games

Tonight, I struggled to even want to get a mile in. It was a long (but good) day between entertaining, work, and more friend time this evening. It was tempting to just crawl in to bed.

But then I began thinking about it. It’s Monday night, which means it’s basically Tuesday, which means that it’s almost Wednesday, which means that we’re just about half way through this week. And Run Streak ends after Saturday, which means that I will  be really disappointed if I give up this close to the end.

Mind Games. Did you notice that?

Mind games can come in handy when you’re trying to convince yourself to keep going during a race. I play them with myself all the time, especially during long races. I think that our runner brains have ways of dealing with the illogical feat of running such long distances, of dealing with the pain, of continuing to just move forward. Sometimes we require convincing. It all comes down to the brain.

I often find myself breaking distances and times down into smaller bits, such as the example above where I thoroughly convinced my poor runner brain that Monday is almost like being half way through the week.

Runner Logic. It is a grand and interesting thing.

So, happy hump day friends, from the mind of a runner.

What do you do to get yourself through a long race, or a difficult stretch of miles? Do you play the same games?


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