Out of Gas

Do you ever have those days where you wake up and feel like your tank is already on or near empty? The days where the thought of sleeping just 5 more minutes (10 more minutes, 15 more minutes, 20 more minutes) and skipping breakfast and certain parts of your daily routine is tempting?

I was there this morning. Up and running on E, coasting on fumes. Breakfast didn’t help, coffee didn’t help (you may collectively gasp on that one). It’s hard to get up and face life the day after returning from a fabulous vacation. I love my job, and my house (most of the time) and many aspects of daily life, but the break was fantastic.

So what do I do to refill? To energize when nothing else works?

I focus on the good things, on other people, and I exercise.

This morning I had several awesome interactions with customers, and got to hear their stories and their goals. There was one in particular that stood out, though it wasn’t my interaction and I don’t have permission to share – we will leave it at this man was completely inspiring.

And of course I got to get back to some sort of routine in my workouts tonight. Boot Camp both kicked my butt and made me smile. I have a sick and twisted sense of fun sometimes (which is why I’m a distance runner).

We also had some completely fantastic tacos for dinner. Of course they may have just been that awesome because I was so hungry by the time I got back from the gym and then my run that I was about ready to chew my own arm off.

And tonight I will try to go to sleepy early. Get a good night’s rest. And hopefully feel refreshed tomorrow morning. Getting back in to a routine after time away is hard, but both mandatory and worth it.

What do you do when you feel low on energy? What helps you dig yourself out of the hole?


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