A Return to the Norm

The sun has set on another beautiful day. And alas, we are home. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. The remainder of the time we spent in Traverse was absolutely gorgeous. We wandered downtown, ate some good food, and shopped a little.

There was joy in sitting in the sunshine eating Moomer’s Ice cream and watching people as they passed, carrying bags of cherry goods, or clothing, or chachkies.

And while a small portion of our lives is still packed in bags currently sitting on the floor, it’s good to be home. Our dog is glad to have us back, and the cat, well he’s tolerating us again.

After sitting in the car all day, I was glad to get out for a run this evening after unloading everything from the back of our vehicle.

The sun was just setting and the sky was a brilliant golden color. My feet flew down the familiar route. It’s nice to be able to focus on pace instead of path when you know a place. Instead of having to think about every single turn, it just comes naturally. It’s familiar. It’s home.

The sky faded to orange, and then a luminous pink. And then the best part – thousands of fireflies lit the way for me. They are finally everywhere. I first noticed them in the woods by the spot where I turn around, just a few faint glimmerings. And then as I ran back, I noticed them on lawns, in fields, drifting over the roads. I love that they are back and out in force. I was glad to be running through their twinkling lights in the setting sun.

So am I glad to be home? Yes and no. But, there is beauty here, just as there was up there. And I will take what I can get.

Tomorrow it is back to work, and back to real life. And I think that I am ready.


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