Today I lived

Some nights I struggle with what to write here. Tonight is almost certainly not one of those nights. Why?

Because today I lived. Today, I enjoyed life. It’s not everyday that I get the privilege of saying that. Sure, most days I am here, I am present, and I am happy. But today, truly, I was alive.

Today was my father’s birthday. I will be nice. I won’t say how many years. We’ll just say, for his sake, a few. We started off the morning living one of his passions – cycling. We rode from Sutton’s Bay to Traverse City and back. A total of about 32 miles. A lot for me. Simple for him. Yes, I consistently get my butt kicked on a bicycle by my old man, and it’s awesome.

The ride was beautiful. The trail relatively flat. We saw some of the same things we did yesterday, but today we went further. We saw King Cow, only this time in the field with his donkey and horse friends, the same t-rex he sticker, some of the same roads – but also rolling hillsides, so many hops, grapevines, and fruit trees, mansions on the hilltops, Grand Traverse Bay, and the Caboose at the end of the line. Despite the clouds and the fact that my legs wanted to die at the end, it was an awesome ride.

We hit some wineries, distilleries and cider houses today as well, and eventually our friend the sun came out.

We had the perfect most awesome meal I think I have ever had in my life (or at least pretty close).

But I think sunset was the best. We spent some time as a family (minus one who had to go home) this evening out by the bay here. Mom furnished a sandcastle with stones, feathers, a ball and driftwood. Jeremy and I swung on the swings. Dad taught me the true art of skipping stones.

The bay turned pink as the sun set, reflecting the sky and clouds. The water was still, the seagulls called, rocks thrown by my dad and husband shimmied across the surface, and all was well.

I could not imagine a better end to what has been an amazing four days. It’s not often that I get to get away. It’s not often that I get to write about it. I am grateful for this time and this place.

Today I lived and I hope that you did too, and continue to live and love this life to the fullest.


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