Looking Forward

The great and wise “they” always say to live in the moment. If you live in the moment, they tell me, you’ll be much happier.
Well, today I did not do a very good job of living in the moment.

Today, while my body was in the present, my mind wandered to the future. To sandy beaches, beautiful bays, bicycle rides, and wine.

While my feet found familiar places – the stairs down to the myriad of boxes containing shoes at work, the hall way, the aisles through brightly colored sock towers, fitting stools, chairs, cash registers – they’re all a bit of a blur.

I haven’t had a real vacation in some time. The last time I had off was based around running two marathons in two days. Fun, but not entirely relaxing. This time, I get a break. I will still be running, I will still be writing – but it’s on my own terms, my own schedule. I don’t have to arrive at a certain place at a certain time in order to toe the line.

So yes, today I looked forward. That being said, I don’t think anticipation is so bad. I have been reading a lot about material vs. immaterial happiness lately – that is happiness based on experiences vs. happiness based on acquiring things. From what I can tell, and from what I’ve experienced, it’s true that money can’t buy you happiness – at least not in the form of objects.

Focusing on spending money on experiences, such as vacations that give you time with family, is going to bring you more happiness than spending money on a new phone, or that cute top that you’ve been wanting.

It isn’t always good to live in the future, living in the present, taking everything in, being grateful and appreciative of what you’ve got and who you’re with is most definitely preferable – but if you’re going to day dream – dream about experiences, about memories and happy times, instead of material desires.

For now, I will look forward to vacation and time spent with my family.


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