Me Time

I’m tired.

I feel like all I’ve done lately is work and clean. It doesn’t leave me much time to make myself a priority.

And that is why I work out. It’s the one time in a day that I get to focus on me.

Tonight, amidst work, getting ready for an upcoming vacation (wahoo!), cleaning, and laundry, I carved out an hour for a Boot Camp class, and 10 minutes for a one mile run for Run Streak. This was my me time.

Yesterday it was a track workout. The day before, a mere 10 minutes for a mile.

Me time.

Making physical activity a priority has become a very real part of my life. If I don’t make time it doesn’t happen, and life starts to get unhappy.

Priorities. Me time.

Even finding just 10 minutes a day seems to help. Run Streak has been beneficial for that reason.
Hopefully the trend can continue. Life should never be so “busy” that we neglect ourselves. We run around day after day, accomplishing things for others, and this creates some form of happiness, but so often we do not stop to think about ourselves. There has to be some sort of balance, some sort of give and take.

I challenge you to make yourself a priority for at least a small part of this day. I promise you’ll come out of it happier and healthier.


One thought on “Me Time

  1. I can’t wait to get back to some physical activity “me” time. I like to read but I really need to move. Thanks for continuing your blog and helping me with my reading material 🙂

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