Every year Runner’s World hosts two “run streaks” that span around 40 days each. One in the winter months, and one in the summer months. I completed the summer one in 2013. I have tried again a couple of times since then, but have always let myself get derailed.

This year I am at it again. The streak started on Memorial Day (May 25th) and runs through Independence Day (July 4th). That’s 41 consecutive days of running. The idea is to run at least one mile per day.

Sounds easy, right? Just a mile. That’s not far.

I am 23 days in, and I am here to tell you that it’s not easy. It’s not that simple. There are days where I have been tempted to be a slug. To just call it quits and sit on the couch. There are days when it’s hot and humid and nothing makes me want to drown in sweat. And there are days when I’m just so tired after work that I don’t want to move.

But so far I have done it. This year, it was my way of getting back in to running after taking a couple weeks off post-River Bank Run/Marathons. I needed a running break. I cycled, I went to strength training classes at the gym, but I did not run. Staying loyal to this was my cliff, and I have jumped over the edge.

It takes dedication and determination some days. You have to be willing to go out at any hour and get (at least) your mile in. I have found that evenings work best for me. Sometimes (like today) evening turns in to night. When plans take hold, and time slips away, it can be hard to squeeze it in. But in the end, it’s only 9 minutes of my day.

Sometimes it’s tempting to quit, but like everything else, where is the gratification in that? Sure you get instant gratification. Sitting on the couch feels nice. But once these 41 days are completed, the sense of accomplishment is far greater.

Am I looking forward to the last day? Maybe. But for now, it’s a fun thing to follow, and a good way to stay motivated to get my daily miles in. I love the challenge of it. I love the feeling of completing each day. In the end, it is totally worth it.


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