A Peacock in the Rain

It has been a very gloomy day. The heavy, grey clouds have obscured the sun. I haven’t seen its golden face all day. No blue skies. No singing birds. Mist. Overbearing humidity. The clouds have been waiting, biding their time, waiting to dump the rain down on us.

It’s days like this that my brightest and boldest running shirts come out. Of course, I could wear them on any other day as well, but I seek them out on the dreary days. Having a variety of colors in my wardrobe is almost as important as having a variety of colorful foods in my diet.

What I wear to run has a way of making me feel more vibrant, more alive.

So while I was feeling gloomy today, I pulled out one of the brightest shirts I have, and one of my favorites.


Yes the day was still gloomy, yes the rain threatened with every step I took, but it didn’t matter.

I’ve had this particular shirt for a few years now. It was given to me by my husband. It was the first piece of Ink N Burn that I owned (www.inknburn.com). It makes me feel brighter, more vibrant. Every time I wear it to a race, I get comments and compliments. It was with me through my first marathon, and has survived many more races with me since. The Peacock has the capabilities of rejuvenating my self esteem, of making me feel dazzling.

As I set out today, my bright colors a contrast to the darkness, I could feel some of the gloom lifting. I could feel some of my own morose mood abating. Of course, running helps with that as well, but the vibrancy of clothing was what motivated me in the first place, and you take what you can get on days like this.

I made it so far as the local playground before I decided I needed to stop and play. Something I wouldn’t have imagined doing just hours earlier.

11415550_10101082638885197_983450637317270789_o 10470182_10101082638860247_4915151810434052647_o

Clothing has mood changing abilities, motivational properties, the ability to make you feel awesome. Happy to be out, happy to be breathing, happy to be alive. Today peacock brought me verve and vigor. Today peacock brought me a smile on a dreary day.

Today I was a peacock in the rain.


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