What I’ve Learned

Every day, every hour, every minute is a learning experience. I’m always gathering new information, taking in new facts, trying new things. I live for this. If we don’t continue to learn, we can’t continue to move forward. We remain stagnant, stationary, stale. I’ve learned so much through my short running journey, either about myself, others, or just the process of running in general. I wouldn’t be fulfilling my input strength if I didn’t share some of those things.

So, here are just three things I’ve learned so far this year:

1.) You see some pretty amazing things on the run
The world is full of wonder. I’ve seen cities on foot that I never would have experienced in the same way in a vehicle. I’ve seen nature up close and personal. I’ve encountered endless plants, and trees, and birds, and squirrels, and, and, and…the list goes on. Again, things I wouldn’t have noticed in a car. I’ve stopped to admire streams and creeks, buildings and structures. I’ve witnessed sunrises, and sunsets in all of their orange, yellow, and pink splendor. I’ve seen snow, I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen the bluest skies. The world is ever so much more available to you when you traverse it on foot.

2.) You can’t always get what you want
A cliche, a common turn of phrase, a lesson I’ve learned over and over in life, and much less tangible than the last point. It applies to running as well. You can’t PR every race. You aren’t always going to get faster, you aren’t always going to attain every goal. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you work, sometimes you don’t put in enough work, sometimes you put in too much. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter, for whatever reason, things don’t go as planned.

3) I can do things that I never would have imagined a few years ago
This May, I ran two marathons in two days. One in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Saturday, and one in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Sunday. Three years ago I couldn’t run a mile. Running has shown me that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Contradictory to the last point, in a way, but not entirely. It may take a month, it may take years, but eventually I am going to achieve what I want – it may just come down to figuring out a way to do it. It’s this that makes me believe that anyone can to what they set out to do – as long as you can slay your fears and doubts, you can achieve your dreams.

This is just a small snippet of the knowledge running has revealed to me this year. As I continue to grow as a runner and a person, I continue to learn more and more. The world is ever changing and I intend to take in as much as I can in this journey. I feel like I learn something new with every run I take, with every experience I have, with every person I encounter. If you open your mind to new experiences, you become a fuller, happier person. I want to continue to strive to be the best me I can be – and running definitely helps with that.


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