SPRING! And the Year of Trying New Things

Spring is here, Spring is here, Spring is here! Okay, well, not officially, but it’s felt pretty darn spring like lately. The snow is melting, the birdies are chirping and the sun has (mostly) been shining. Temperatures have been in the 40’s and 50’s, and I have been doing happy dances. This past Sunday was my second long run of the weekend (when you’re doing crazy things, you have to do two), and it was my first of the winter where I actually needed to shed layers. It was the most liberating and freeing feeling to run without gloves, hat, and so many layers that you feel like you weigh a gajillion pounds. Long sleeve shirt, t-shirt over top, and one layer on the bottom. And it was awesome. Plus, I got compliments on my new gear: 10404294_10100979383524767_1141164648128371792_n I am loving the new Spring Line from INKnBURN. Seriously. And, since I am a lover of stories, I want to share the story behind the Atlanta shirt I am wearing in the above picture: (From the INB Website http://www.inknburn.com) “talanta was an extremely fast runner, the fastest in her village. Told by an oracle that she would be ruined if she married, she let all her suitors know that she would only marry the man that could beat her in a foot race. If you lost against her, you would be killed. Hippomenes heard of her and when they met, they fell in love.  She begged him not to race against her.  He told Aphrodite, goddess of love, of his dilemma and she gave him three golden apples. During the race, he threw down one of these golden apples from time to time, and Atalanta thought they were so beautiful that she stopped to pick them up, and so he was able to win the race and her heart. Zeus, recognizing the greatness of their love for each other, turned them into a constellation of stars known today as the Leonids, allowing the couple to remain together, racing through the heavens, side by side forever.” I love that story, and the shirt definitely makes me feel fast (plus it’s beautiful). Speaking of new things, this has been a year for it so far. I have never in my (short) running life cross trained on purpose. When I worked at the factory, it was kind of part of my daily job. I pushed heavy things around, lifted heavy parts, carried heavy totes. It was 8 – 12 hours of strength training 5-6 days a week. I was strong. And then I (happily) changed jobs. I went from being incredibly active daily, to sitting at a desk, and then shortly after at least walking around and going up and down stairs for part of the day. And I lost that strength. So this year, I decided it was time. I joined a local gym that offers classes. And I’ve been trying them, and most definitely seeing the results, both in the numbers on the scale, and the numbers on my watch. I feel fast again, I feel stronger, and it is awesome. It’s so easy to fall into a pattern of only running. Running it great. It burns the calories, it makes you feel awesome…until it doesn’t.

I’ve learned that strength training really helps with the feeling good while running. Having stronger core muscles is really awesome.

It’s a slow process, this learning thing. Being an adult-onset-athlete means that I haven’t been doing this for a ton of years. I also tend to learn things the hard way. I can be told something a million times, but until I experience it,  it never really sticks.

So far it’s sticking and I’m learning and it’s been really fun.


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