One Week…Two weeks…EEK!

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but a couple months ago, I committed to running two marathons within a week of each other. I said I wanted a challenge this year, and I’m pretty sure this it going to be it.

On Sunday October 19, I will run the Grand Rapids marathon for the second time, and then on Sunday October 26, I will run the Marine Corps Marathon.

With all of the training I have been doing, these races are a long time coming. I am feeling “trained-out” if you will. I ran my first race of the year in February (The Groundhog half-marathon, which, if you will recall, was probably the dumbest and craziest thing I have ever done with all of the snow we had this past winter). And, well, I haven’t really stopped since then. My second race was in April (Gazelle Girl), my third and fourth in May (River Bank Run 25k and Bayshore Marathon), my fifth, Third Coast Relay, in June, my Sixth in August (Marquette Marathon), my Seventh in September (Park2Park, which I paced), and my eighth and ninth are coming up! I should add one more big one to make it an even number. Hah!

I keep telling everyone that I am going to be taking time off after Marine Corps. Which is true, but not entirely. I will keep running, just shorter distances. And I want to take classes to improve my strength.

I think that needs to be more of a focus for next year. I also want to learn to bike better, and swim in open water (read, I want to compete in a triathlon next year)!

Anywho, I am so excited to be coming up on the end of training and these two races. This has been a year of meaningful races, and these two are no exception. Grand Rapids was the first marathon I have ever run. This year, I will probably not be as competitive in it. I will be running slower, so that I can run another one the next week. This does not phase me. I’ve made my peace with it. It’s a big accomplishment for me being able to even think about doing two HUGE races within a week of each other.

And then comes MCM. The one I have been waiting for. The biggest race I will have ever run. A race that was already meaningful to me, but has added importance as I am running for TAPS ( It’s not going to be “fast.” It’s my second one in a week. It may not be pretty. But I plan to enjoy it.

I’m ready. Let’s get this thing done.



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