On waiting until the last minute and TAPER MADNESS

A word of advice: Don’t wait until the last minute to try and find a hotel room when traveling far away for a marathon. Yep. That’s right. We screwed up. Time and time again I looked at the websites. And time and time again I got distracted and busy. Until yesterday. Yesterday I got serious. Three days before we are supposed to be there is not the time to be looking. Every other time we’ve looked for hotels in the area, it’s not been a problem. Well, this time, every single hotel was booked for the weekend. 

Not only is it Marathon weekend in a small town, but it’s also Labor Day weekend, and Blues Fest (an annual festival). I was pretty sure we were screwed. First, we found a room in Munising, 1 hour and 10 minutes from the starting line of the race. And with a 7:30 a.m. start time, that didn’t sound terribly appealing. Luckily, my family members know people, and we now have a lovely apartment to rent for two nights that is located right by the finish line in Marquette. Whew. Big sigh of relief there.

There are less than three days left until race time (if you go by the countdown clock on their webpage it’s 2 days, 9 hours, and 42 minutes at the time I am writing this). Needless to say, the minor freaking out has begun. Many different publications have written about “taper madness.” And I am here to confirm that it is a thing. All of the what if’s have started to creep in. 

What if I didn’t train hard enough? What if I haven’t been running enough lately? What if I don’t make my goal? What if I have to walk? What if…What if…What if….

The What if’s are so useless. There are so many aspects that are out of my control, and so many that are past my control. At this point, I am trying not to let the what if’s win. I am trying to tell them to shush. 

My run tonight helped a little. It was the not-a-track-workout-without-speed-work. We were supposed to be on the track. But lo and behold there was a football team out there when we got there. So off to Windmill Island we went. I ran a really good 5 miles at a pretty good clip. Honestly, I felt like I could fly (and was flying). 

The feeling of running, of going, of doing calms those silly doubts and fears. If only I can keep them away until Saturday!

Until later, run on, my friends.



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