Declare it day 2014

Hello, World.
I have tried so many times in the past to begin blogging. Every time I have given up. But this time will be different. This time I’m going to make this darn thing stick.

Today is Declare It Day ( It’s a day for action, a day for goals, a day for change. This day is the brainchild of the women behind Fellow Flowers, a small business that aims to bring women together for health and friendship and fun. They encourage women to go after their goals and and celebrate running together. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

So, this blog is part of my Declare It Day goals. I want to put myself out there. I want to get my thoughts and feelings down. I want to try to focus, through writing, on joy instead of slogging through my daily life. I’m not going to lie, life hasn’t been entirely easy lately. I’ve been quite hard on myself and quite frustrated. I want to forget that, or lose it, and instead focus on the good things such as running, friendship and family. I want to be able to talk candidly about running and life, and be as honest as I possibly can about these things.

Along with blogging, my goals include running four full marathons this year, and running at least one of those in under 4 hours.

So join me as I try to focus on joy through writing and running. I will do my best to keep up with this.




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